Author Stuff

Writing a bio for a blog always seems presumptuous to me. As if I’m so interesting and all that. I suggest simply continuing to read the posts. My personality and some of my history will be revealed.

But I can tell you a few things. For instance, I…
• Really enjoy strong coffee
• Can be a little grumpy in the morning until I’ve spent some quiet time
• Am fairly good at Scrabble
• Enjoy cooking and experimenting with new recipes
• Read as if someone was going to burn all the books by next week
• Consider everything material for writing
• Ask a lot of questions
• Can see the humor in life’s circumstances (keeps me sane)
• Can’t resist office supply stores, book stores and card/gift shops
• (Did I mention the strong coffee?)
• Can tell a joke pretty well
• Sing with all my heart
• Enjoy a good laugh
• Appreciate my friends
• Realize you probably couldn’t care less about most of this.

3 thoughts on “Author Stuff

  1. Actually, I care about all of it :-). It was as though you were writing my own About page–are we sisters by chance :-)? Stumbled upon your blog, and glad I did. I look forward to browsing your posts. God bless!


  2. I nominated you for a three-day quite challenge. Mentioned you in my post. Kindly check It out and would be glad if you take on the challenge. Thanks,


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