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Whenever I mention to someone I’m a writer, they almost always ask, “What kind of stuff do you write?” You have to know, it’s all about the “stuff.” Most of them want to know if I’m writing a book. Because all writers write books.


Writing a book may be something in my future (near or far). However, right now, I write short form “stuff.”

Mostly, I do this blogging stuff and some articles, devotionals and puzzles and quizzes for Christian publications. When I do this, it most certainly is about the stuff. Content then needs to be all for Jesus. There will be times I’ll definitely fail at this.

I’m an imperfect follower of Christ. On my own, I really have no clue about how to make the stuff workable for a reader. I suppose I’ll find out over time if it’s working. I’m just grateful for an opportunity to share what I know and how God’s Spirit is allowing me to grow in grace more and more.

What Kind of Stuff You’ll Find Here

My journey includes all those things I encounter on the way. Foremost is my relationship with Christ and how that has an impact on my normal encounters with the world. Also family, friends, service to others, personal issues, health and wellness, books and other media, humor, and much more. Because I’m a Christian, I suppose the blog is about how all these have their place in the context of my spiritual growth.

Any opinions expressed in this stuff are entirely my own. Please let me know if I’m wrong in my facts.

I welcome you to share my journey.

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