Read Big Chunks of Scripture? Easy.

For many, even people who’ve been following Christ for a long time, reading lengthy parts of scripture seems daunting. Let alone making an attempt to read the Bible through in a year. This time of year, people who enjoy adding this disciple to their daily routine are planning their strategy.

Perhaps they’ll select a new translation. Or a new study Bible to get some different perspectives. They may choose to read the Bible story chronologically or use a pre-printed plan taking them through Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs readings each day. The ways people read the Bible systematically are as numerous as the people who do it.

For those others who are either new to the Bible and need the milk or need a little guidance to get started, here is a sample 40-day reading plan someone passed on to me. Even this offering can be revised to a person’s schedule. It could end up being a reading a week plan, reading each one until finished. By that time, you’ve read some excellent Bible stories, some solid theology, and know the basics of the Gospel message.

I’m convinced there is no substitute for daily reading of the Bible for spiritual growth. Reading God’s word is how we get to know him and know the things he expects of us as his children. We can also supplement our growth with the writings of trusted authors. (And that topic would make a good blog post in itself).

I hope if you’ve decided this year to dig in and do more reading and studying of God’s word, this list will help you. I also hope that if this list helped you get a good start, that you now have a hunger for more meat.

God bless you and may the Spirit guide your efforts.

Forty-Day Bible reading plan

Day 1: Genesis chapters 1-2 (The Creation Account)
Day 2: Genesis chapter 3 (the Beginning of Sin)
Day 3: Genesis chapters 15, 17:15-27 (God’s covenant with Abraham)
Day 4: Genesis chapter 21:1-7; chapter 22 (God’s faithfulness and Abrahams faith)
Day 5: Exodus chapters 3-4 (God Calls Moses to deliver His people)
Day 6: Exodus 6 (the Ten Commandments)
Day 7: Joshua 1 (conquering the Promised Land)
Day 8: 1 Samuel 16-17 (David and Goliath)
Day 9: 1 Kings chapters 3; 8:1-9; 9 (King Solomon’s wisdom and the Temple)
Day 10: 1 Kings 18 (The prophet Elijah and the prophets of Baal)
Day 11: 2 Kings 25the Siege of Jerusalem and the Exile of Judah)
Day 12: Daniel 2-3 (Daniel in Babylon: The fiery furnace)
Day 13: Ezra 3 (Rebuilding the temple)
Day 14: Isaiah chapters 9, 53, 61 (Isaiah’s prophecy of the coming Messiah)
Day 15: Luke chapters 1-2 (The birth of Jesus)
Day 16: John 1:1-18 (who Jesus Is)
Day 17: Luke 4:14-44 (Jesus begins his ministry)
Day 18: Matthew 5-6 (the core of Jesus’ teaching)
day 19: John 3 (God’s Love for the world)
Day 20: John 5 (Jesus’ Miracles and Authority)
Day 21: John 11 (Jesus’ Power Over Death)
Day 22: John 15 (the Christian Life Defined)
Day 23: John 17 (Jesus’ High Priestly prayer)
Day 24: Matthew 26-27 (the arrest and crucifixion of Jesus)
Day 25: John 20 (The resurrection of Jesus)
Day 26: Luke 24 (the ascension of Jesus )
Day 27: Acts 2 (the coming of The Holy Spirit)
Day 28: Acts 9 (the conversion of Saul)
Day 29: Acts 16 (The Gospel spreads to Europe)
Day 30: Acts 26 Paul’s defense of the Christian Faith)
Day 31: Romans 3 (Justification by faith alone)
Day 32: Romans 7-8 (the battle with sin; Life in the Spirit)
Day 33: 1 Corinthians 13 (The way of Love)
Day 34: 1 Corinthians 15 (the power of the resurrection)
Day 35: Galatians 5 (Freedom in Christ)
Day 36: Ephesians 6 (The whole armor of God)
Day 37: Philippians 1:18-2:18 (Christ’s example for us)
Day 38: Colossians 3:1-17 (Putting on the new self)
Day 39: James 1 (Pure religion)
Day 40: Revelation 21-22 (The New Heaven and the New Earth)

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