Unity and Love: What Jesus Prayed For

Thom Rainer blogs every day about leadership in the church. Many times his topic is meant for the whole body, not just leaders.

That’s the case with this post. I felt compelled to share it, because when we consider our membership in a local church, it should be apparent that in some way, we are all leaders. Jesus meant for us to be examples reflecting Him in the world.

Mr. Rainer has many years of experience in church leadership and assisting churches revitalize and deal with change, something the Church needs today. His posts are always thought-provoking for me and that’s why he’s in my blogroll.

God bless you and may you be a blessing to someone today.

3 thoughts on “Unity and Love: What Jesus Prayed For

  1. I have been asking myself what will happen to my spiritual life if I truly believe every word in Christ Great Intercessory Prayer. I still do not know, but have committed myself to learn about that prayer. Thanks for the post, I will follow it to Rainer’s post.


  2. Friend, each time I read the prayer it moves me. To imagine that Christ prayed we would share the glory God gave him with us. All the blessings of his we are given when we are found in him. When I feel a little down sometimes this prayer comforts me more than a psalm.
    I hope you enjoy what Mr. Rainer has to say. He is a wise man.


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