A Prayer For Healing

Having illness in our lives can lead to discouragement. Whether it’s a common cold keeping us from being fully productive, a more lengthy and serious illness, or recovery from surgery, we can take our requests for healing and wholeness to God. His love and power work according to his will. Seek him and find him.


Dear God,prayer word

I feel broken and I seem to make this illness a definition of myself.

I know it’s not. I know there’s a whole person here-in body, mind and spirit.

But sometimes it seems my mind and body betray me, so wholeness isn’t how I feel.

I know you understand; this pain and anguish.

I know you are the Power that can make me whole.

Because you are truth. You are love. You are miracles.

I’m willing to let go now and release this condition to you.

I believe your will for me most of all is acceptance.

I accept your love. I accept your will and any outcome.

I accept your deliverance, which will help me to see that I am me, not my illness.


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