Bend Like Gumby

Staying flexible means being able to forego what we believe are our rights. Rights to resources like our time, energy and money. We’re able to move from one thing and invest in an endeavor that has bigger potential or works better. Simply put, being flexible means you have no problem stopping doing one thing, and starting doing another.Gumby

Being flexible works in our lives no matter if it’s a ‘big’ thing or a ‘small’ thing. And let’s face it, some things are just small things.

As far as being flexible, I’ve learned that if I bend a little, I don’t get as frustrated. It’s easier to work on a team. And I often learn something I may not have if I’d remained committed to having my way.

I won’t compromise my values to be flexible. I won’t bend that far. But I’ve also learned I can go steady on and hold to my values in a gracious manner. While I keep an open mind and listen to varying viewpoints–after all, new information might change a formerly held belief–my mind has already been made up on issues testing my faith in God.


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