Literary Film Review: Die Hard

This blogger, who normally sends us the low-down on poetry and other fine literature, reviews what many call their favorite Christmas movie.
Die Hard, starring Bruce Willis, is an adaptation of the novel, “Nothing Lasts Forever,” by Roderick Thorp. (I didn’t know that; did you?) Anyway, this is a good review. I just wish I hadn’t winced just reading about John’s feet on the broken glass.

Interesting Literature

This month’s classic film review analyses the ultimate Christmas film: Die Hard

Based on a little-known 1979 thriller, Nothing Lasts Forever by Roderick Thorp, Die Hard (dir. John McTiernan, 1988) is one of those films that many people will sit down and watch every Christmas. And why not? It’s set on Christmas Eve, and it has at its heart one of the oldest stories in the world: the triumph of good over evil. But before I review Die Hard, as is my wont with these literary film reviews, a word about the film’s literary origins.

Die Hard’s source material, the thriller Nothing Lasts Forever, was itself supposedly inspired by another movie: The Towering Inferno. When Roderick Thorp saw the film, he had a dream of a man being chased through a skyscraper, pursued by men carrying guns. The result was Nothing Lasts Forever.

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