“P” Is For Poetry

“The Fruitful Life” has evolved since I began in August last year. It’s bound to see more changes. My basic purpose is still the same. I’m simply finding different ways to use the blog to express myself.

I’m participating in Writing 201 on WordPress for the next two weeks and that means I may be posting from their poetry writing prompts. My first was posted on the 14th with “Snow Man” (Ode On A Wintry Day). So along with the regular postings–however those are defined–and Features for Fridays, I’m trekking back in time to when I wrote poetry in college.

Letter P w-scrolling One or two of the poems might be considered of good quality. Then again, quality is probably relative to whomever is reading the material.

If poetry isn’t your thing, that’s okay. I won’t take it personally. But it is another way to express myself. And who knows, one of my efforts might relate to my spiritual journey.

Since God is creative and He blessed each of us with a unique creativity, I encourage you to take the next two weeks and explore your talents in some new way as well. I’m a writer (and a talker) so my passion is to communicate ideas, information, encouragement and personal experiences. Sometimes those things spill out as sharing the gospel or an observation from God’s word.

Also, people say I’m a natural storyteller. (Hence, the “talker.”) Maybe I’ll get to write a poem in story form. As a writer, I have days when I feel wiped out of ideas. WordPress’ Blogging University could fill in some of those gaps for me in the next two weeks.

I just hope they don’t assign any limericks about frogs.


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