That One Book

Writers must be readers. In fact, writers just can’t help but be readers and they’ve probably been voracious readers since they first began sounding out words.

Looking back, is there a book you read that created in you an urge to write a book?

If so, what was it about the book that created the urge?

Where do you get your ideas and inspiration now?

For me, as silly as it sounds, “Alice in Wonderland” had that effect on me. Perhaps it’s the silliness of the writing and the whole story that made it so. Between the ages of 12 and 20 I read the book three times. I also read its companion, “Alice’s Adventures Through the Looking Glass.”

Today, my inspiration comes from hearing another story well-told. From an excellent turn-of-phrase. From watching people simply being the people they are.

We are a glorious lot of humanity with our gifts, our frailties and our idiosyncrasies.

Happy writing.

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