Fur Ball Friday


Today is supposed to be when I post my Foodie information. A fun or informative post about eating and cooking.


A fellow blogger, Genie, of BunnyEatsDesign has a bunny who looks a lot like my little Scout. Today she gets to see him just like I’ve checked out pictures of her little guy, Tofu, on her site. Go check her out here. 

Click on “Bunnies” at the top of the page to see posts about Tofu. She offers some great recipes with accompanying photographs she takes herself.

Hug your furry friend today and eat hardy!

2 thoughts on “Fur Ball Friday

  1. Scout enjoys the rabbit pellet mix he’s been eating since he was born. The breeder I got him from has been using the same thing for decades and said to not change what he eats all at once. He also likes timothy grass a lot. He gets a treat occasionally in the form of a fruit/nut blend chew stick which came in his starter cage kit. When he’s older I’ll probably try some veggies and other greens.

    He enjoys coming out to cuddle with me and he really likes to binkie around my apartment. However, he’s a cage animal for the most part, since this is the rule at my particular apartment complex.


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