#MeToo Hashtags: What Now?

Because I have a Twitter account, I’ve become somewhat adept at using hashtags. I’ve even made up a few of my own. (#clever)

When I began seeing this one — #MeToo — in the news and on social media, I was curious. Some news outlets made the use of those two words obvious. Discretion and how much of that you got differed from one news outlet to the next. Nothing on the topic seemed consistent any more than did the behavior of each perpetrator.

Each situation, from what little I’ve read, is different because we are all different.

I don’t read much online stuff because most of it tends toward the negative. Journalists, rather than reporting facts, are more often editorializing and hoping to sway public opinion. As if we, sinful as we are, wouldn’t form opinions on our own given just the facts. When asked what I think about this-or-that thing most recently in the news (including #MeToo), I try to say as little as possible. I have opinions. And it’s not that I don’t want to dialogue with you. It’s just that if the topic is #MeToo, the topic hits too close to home.

I realize that I need to be aware of what’s going on in the world, but there are some events of which I choose to remain “Happily Oblivious.” (i.e., the Kardashians, who kneels or stands at a ball game, or how many times POTUS golfs in a month)

I’m a big-picture person and I try to keep my eyes on eternity. For the most part, my focus is on leading a quiet life, minding my own business, and working with my hands. (1 Thessalonions 4:11) What’s going on here and now will pass from memory. Even now, a younger generation doesn’t understand what a thrill we got from the special effects employed in the original Star Wars movies. Perhaps even we, who saw that saga on the big screen at its original release, chuckle about how we could be so enamored of it all. Computer graphics have come so far.

Something that hasn’t changed, despite the millennia which have passed, is the basic nature of Us. Face it: #MeToo could very well have  become a hashtag for people treated unfairly by an authority figure; someone being bullied; the experience of racism; the inability to find basic needs, an experience of being betrayed. “There is nothing new under the sun” (Ecclesiastes 1:9).

From my experiences over the years, I see that perhaps the #MeToo ‘movement’ – for lack  of a better word – is here for such a time as this. My personal stories in detail are first of all shared with God, who knows everything about what happened. Then a trusted spiritual mentor, after I’ve prayed about what to say and determine what I need from her. Not being an activist by nature, usually all I need is for her to listen, acknowledge my pain (if I haven’t forgiven) and be happy for me when it’s clear that I’ve put it all behind me. I wish there wasn’t a need for people to start coming out of the woodwork and finally tell their stories because it’s so sad.

But for what it’s worth,



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