I Have Here in My Hand

I don’t really have a list in my hand. I don’t have a band to give me a drum roll. But –– ta-da! –– here’s a list of the Top Ten posts from 2016. Here in my corner of the world, I enjoyed taking stock and reviewing the past twelve months.

Writing The Fruitful Life is its own reward so I don’t get into looking at hit counters and other stats too much. I don’t have crowds of followers. Frankly, I’d rather write and convince people to follow Jesus.

However, it’s nice at the end of the year to see which posts were favorites of the readers.

The list of the Top Ten Posts from 2016 (in order) might give you an idea of the tastes of the readership. When I do take time to look at stats, it’s also fun to see that readers come from all over the world. In November, when The Upper Room published a devotion I wrote, people flocked to the blog through the link UR supplied. That was kind of fun.

In addition to this list, people cruised the “About” pages and the Archives. I’m not savvy enough to know how it all works. But like I said, writing about my faith and hobbies in which I’m involved is the best reward. Most of these posts are faith-based.

Anyway, here’s the list. Click on the links if you’d like to read them. If you’ve been reading for a while, did you have one you particularly liked that didn’t make the top ten list?

  1. Mom’s “Notes to Self”
  2. Follow Your Heart?
  3. A Visit to Zootopia
  4. Goin’ Fishing
  5. Calm
  6. Storefront Churches
  7. Foodie, Zucchini and Grace
  8. Live Christmas All Year Long
  9. Five Ways to Tell if Someone Loves Jesus
  10. A Three-Word Prayer for Serenity

And the Survey Said…(2015 Top Five Posts)

We celebrated the beginning of a new calendar year more than two weeks ago, but I’m playing catch-up.

Life happens.

WordPress sent my statistics for the year with the following posts coming up as the favorites for 2015. The number of hits isn’t important to me so much, but an interesting stat was just where the readers were coming from. Folks from a total of 52 countries logged in.

living the fruit treeThe Fruitful Life is still finding its way around the blogosphere and still trying to define itself. I’m happy if you’ve found anything enjoyable, encouraging or educational. Stay tuned. This coming year will see more faith-based posts, Foodie Friday fun and some posts related to books and movies.

If you had a favorite not listed here, let me know. Your comments are always welcome.

Top Five Posts of 2015

“Why I Don’t Go To Church”

“Choosing My Battles”

“Why I Go To Church”

“I Can Hear it Now”

“The Intruders”

From Prayer to Popcorn, you chose the favorites. Thanks for reading.