Happiness Challenge 101

Recently a fellow blogger, StephJ, invited me to take part in a blogging challenge–”Happiness: 101 Simple Things.” I’m probably way behind everyone else who participated. Anyway, here’s my list. My life is more or less a joyful one. Here and there, I can identify things that make me happy too.

How about you? Maybe some of the things on my list make you happy too. So-called simple things count. In fact, it’s probably the simple things that make happiness go on and on. They’re usually low-cost as well.

101 Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Knowing I can be happy
  2. Belonging to a church community
  3. Serving others
  4. Hearing my son’s deep bass chuckle
  5. Watching my granddaughter dance
  6. Drinking a hot cup of tea
  7. Telling a joke well
  8. Laughing when someone tells a good joke
  9. Fresh sheets on the bed
  10. Being satisfied with what I have
  11. Farmer’s markets
  12. Eating dark chocolate
  13. Being in the groove when writing
  14. Reading the start of a new bookchocolate covered cherries
  15. Thunderstorms
  16. Experimenting with recipes
  17. When the recipe turns out
  18. Baking just about anything
  19. A good chick flick
  20. Drinking strong coffee
  21. The smell of coffee brewing
  22. Cuddling with my bunny
  23. Watching my bunny hop and run fast
  24. Receiving personal mail. You know, a card or letter
  25. Stargazing
  26. The scent of fresh-mown grass
  27. Watching fireflies in the dark
  28. Browsing bookstores
  29. Browsing office supply stores
  30. Picking out just the right card for someone
  31. Receiving a card that’s just right for me
  32. Swimming leisurely
  33. Playing Scrabble
  34. Playing euchre
  35. Wearing cool bracelets
  36. Wearing all kinds of earrings
  37. Getting a good haircut
  38. Reading my Bible
  39. That ozone smell after the rain
  40. When the movie comes out so close to the book
  41. Eating a quality steak cooked just right
  42. Waking up without pain
  43. Watching a herd of deer in a field
  44. Watching wild turkeys cross the road
  45. Discovering a new show on Netflix
  46. Discovering a good foreign film
  47. Recycling all that I can
  48. Watching a well-done documentary
  49. The smell of a quality lotion on my skin
  50. Sincere hugswolfgang-amadeus-mozart
  51. Listening to music by Mozart
  52. Discovering a new musician whose music I like
  53. Sleeping in when I can
  54. Naps on Sunday after church
  55. Watching my blue betta swim around in his bowl
  56. Learning something new
  57. A cuddly sweater
  58. Things being in order
  59. Snagging a great photo
  60. Singing
  61. The sound of my mantel clock chiming
  62. Campfires
  63. S’mores at the campfire
  64. All my nails the same length
  65. My nails painted with no mistakes
  66. 75-degree weather with no humidity
  67. Worshiping God through prayer
  68. Going to a classical music concert
  69. Listening to “Carmina Burana”
  70. String quartets
  71. Carrying a cloth handkerchief in my purse
  72. Being within budget
  73. Increasing my vocabulary
  74. Watching blue herons
  75. Wearing my multi-colored animal print dress
  76. The sight of storm clouds rolling in
  77. Watching bats circle overhead
  78. Finding a bargain
  79. When the bargain is something I need
  80. Writing with a pen that feels good in my hand
  81. Using doilies
  82. Listening to the Detroit Tigers on the radio
  83. Watching the Tigers play at Comerica ParkComerica scoreboard
  84. A successful workout
  85. Employing active verbs in my writing
  86. Finishing a long book
  87. When a book has a satisfying end
  88. Someone returning a smile
  89. When an editor says, “Yes”
  90. The availability of subtitles in a DVD movie “setup”
  91. Journaling
  92. Meeting with my mentor
  93. Solitude and silence when I need it
  94. My grandson’s youthful wisdom
  95. “Reunions” resulting from Facebook connections
  96. My general practitioner’s sense of humor
  97. Entertaining friends in my home
  98. Going to the movies with Gina
  99. Shopping at the thrift store with my sister
  100. Hearing children giggle, especially babies
  101. Knowing my eternal destiny is secure

laughin w toddler







101 simple things that make me happy is a long list, but I could probably think of more. It doesn’t take much to make me happy. I enjoy many things. Let me know in your comments what makes you happy.

That would make me happy today.

And remember to be a blessing to someone today.

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